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As the founder of CIVININI, it is my wish to share with you my story that inspired me to found and develop CIVININI to what CIVININI is today. The goal set for CIVININI was, is and remains to be, to create a personal, long-lasting and sustainable basis of well-being for my loved ones, for our families including myself and, last but for sure not least, for our global CIVININI customers.  



We go back to 1922 when Saskia Civinini was born in the picturesque French village of Grasse. Grasse is located in the picturesque hinterland of the Côte d'Azur, nestled between sea and mountains, and is known as the world capital of perfume. 

On a warm, windless day in August 1973, I was with my parents on the beach in Ramatuelle, a neighbouring town of St. Tropez.  There, my parents and Saskia happened to get into conversation with the owner of Club 55, Patrice de Colmont. Club 55 was already on everyone's lips back then and my parents, like me, enjoyed excellent and delicious provincial dishes there while enjoying the beautiful beach and the azure-blue seas.

Saskia Civinini was a grand lady with a great charisma and a very young appearance combined with a very likeable manner. As a free-spirited ballet dancer, she impressed us all with her majestic grace. Saskia had just turned 50 at the time. Together with her husband Mario, they were a very beautiful and happy couple.
  After the first meeting, our two families kept getting together, enjoying the "belle vie de Côte d'Azur" and a wonderful friendship developed.  

While I felt very fortunate to spend much of my youth in southern France, Mrs Civinini was often my inspirational companion. I enjoyed hearing her fascinating and compelling stories and ideas, which ultimately inspired me to, one day, make Saskia's vision a reality.


Saskia was a beautiful and loving woman. She was very popular with friends and acquaintances,  charismatic, and always radiated a high degree of self-confidence. She however was also a sophisticated woman. When she was 41, she married Mario Civinini, a jeweller from Ticino, Switzerland.


Mario came from a branch of the Guelfo Civinini family of jewellers. Mario adored his Saskia and read her every wish from her eyes. He has repeatedly surprised and spoiled her with Civinini family jewels in order to emphasize Saskia's natural beauty and to make her happy.

But Saskia had a hard time losing some of her beauty over the years. So she once complained to Mario: "Your jewellery is beautiful, but what's the use of gold and diamonds when my skin is wrinkled and my body is less and less elastic and attractive".

Saskia kept dreaming "out loud" of one day making a name for herself as a "Swiss creator of a unique lifestyle". It was her vision, that a happy and healthy life (style) should emerge for every person, leading to well-being and a holistic health situation.

One day, Saskia started researching ways that would improve people's health on the one hand, but also enhance their beauty over a lifelong, effective way. Based on her and her team's research, she worked on creating a recipe that would lead to a complex that would primarily support her own health and beauty in the long term. 

Unfortunately, because she emigrated to Florida, I was not able to experience Saskia as an inspiration and source of motivation for much longer. But I am grateful for every moment spent together, because it has always remained a valuable experience for me. 

In and with CIVININI her heritage however will life on forever............ 


Créateurs d'un art de vivre unique

CIVININI_Kapsel im Alizarin Glas
CIVININI Juwelier Ringe



As a cosmopolitan, I have been travelling around the world. My business life was characterized by regular flights, crossing different time zones, several business appointments a day.


Like so many people in our modern society, I also showed constant presence, both privately and professionally, and was under constant performance pressure on a daily basis, and this over many years.

To be able to do all this permanently, not to lose sight of my health, to feel fit, to have a clear head and to know that my quality of life would not deteriorate over the years. All I did was a lot of fun but I wanted to make sure that I would stay fit and sharp for many years to come. Despite a mostly healthy and balanced diet, as well as sufficient exercise, it was often not possible to create this important life-work balance.

In quiet moments, I kept thinking about Saskia, and luckily we were able to talk on the phone again and again. In old age, Saskia was still a very beautiful and vital woman and I wanted to make sure that she felt happy, that she stayed healthy and that getting old was a nice process without all the so well-known negative side effects. Following Saskia's request, her family one day made Saskia's research and even recipes she designed available to me.


Thanks to her recipes, I was able to set out on the path to developing a high-quality health and beauty product. The declared goal was to develop a health that would provide permanent support for my lifestyle, a product combined with sustainable and measurable effectiveness. 


I always felt sure that I could create an optimal complex of high-quality active ingredients and vital substances, and I felt that make this wish coming true was very much possible. 

For years I tried, tested and experimented with different products available on the market, from cheap to high-priced, from local to imported products. At the end of this "journey of discovery" I was left with nothing but a great disappointment.


This is how the idea came about to lend a hand, to summarize many of the wishes, ideas and experiences friends and business partners informed me about. We used all that information to develop a clearly defined, perfect anti-aging product.


Central to this was the effectiveness of a carefully assembled complex of active ingredients, its effectiveness, a wide range of areas of action and all this with extremely simple handling.

It was a long and intensive development journey, which I was able to supplement with constant recipe optimization and finally complete successfully.

In cooperation with renowned pharmacologists and several high-ranking Swiss institutions, the CIVININI ANTI-AGEING PREMIUM PROGRAM was created: a carefully selected complex of phytoextracts and vital substances. And, extremely while at the same time globally fully unique, in the form of a single capsule. All efforts made resulted in the accomplished perfection, the CIVININI capsule. We therefore name it:


In the meantime, the CIVININI capsules are being taken by numerous people in different age categories, across genders and globally, and we are constantly receiving new reports of how the CIVININI complex has positive effects for all of them.

CIVININI has definitely changed my own life positively and also permanently and sustainably with an increased quality of life. The only thing that is regret is that I was not able to benefit from the CIVININI capsules some 20 years ago already. 

I am thus fully confident that so many people around the world can discover the many advantages and positive effects of the CIVININI complex for yourself.

With CIVININI, my and the entire CIVININI team's fascinating stories, inspiration and vision are now being realized.

Become part of the CIVININI family and start to enjoy the many advantages of THE CAPSULE every day.

Sincerely yours,

Gérard J. Peters




Gerard's Story

For many years osteoarthritis had robbed my fingers of their mobility and very often they were (extremely) painful and stiff. This meant that I could hardly write or, for example, work on a computer.

Thanks to CIVININI, this problem is reduced enormously. As a result, my quality of life has noticeably and measurably increased, and I am again able to carry out normal everyday tasks. 

I'm convinced that if CIVININI had been available for me in time, this situation would not have happened to me.  


Leonie's story  

Colds and flu have been my constant companions since I was a child. Not a year has gone by without a runny nose, cough, sore throat to name just a few unpleasant symptoms. Thanks to CIVININI, none of these symptoms have come back, and I'm enjoying my life without having to use a nasal tissue, without having a flue of any sort.

My skin has also improved a lot. For me, taking a CIVININI capsule, just once a day, has become a real pleasure. I am able to experience a range of health and beauty-related effects myself, and they can also be seen in the mirror every day.


Based on my own experiences and observations, I can therefore fully recommend CIVININI capsules.  

Have you already had an experience with CIVININI capsules?

Share with us your story and make others benefit from your experiences. Each story we will publish on our website receives an CIVININI reward. >  


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